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Europe’s enabling power: an EU strategy for cultural relations In this policy brief, Damien Helly discusses the potential and challenges of the recently released joint communication ‘Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations’, published in 2016 by the European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, linking it to the necessity of a deeper democratic and cultural revival.  By College of Europe on 26/02/2017 Available on »

An economic review of the collaborative economy This Policy Contribution tackles the definition and benefits of collaborative economy, as well as the distinction between professional and non-professional services, recommendations on safety and transparency for users, and the way to approach regulatory concerns.  By Bruegel on 26/02/2017 Available on »

The price of Energy Union From this summer, Europeans will be able to use their cellphones outside their home member state without fear of racking up huge bills: it is the fruit of a campaign to slash roaming fees that is one of the European Union’s most vaunted success stories of recent years.  By Burson-Marsteller / Europe-Decides on 25/02/2017 Available on »

Trump, trade and the EU: Two wrongs don't make a right The US will not gain by resorting to protectionism. If it does so, the EU should stay calm, listen when US criticism is justified, and make its first priority the defence of the WTO process and the rule of law writes John Springford, director of research and Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform.  By CER on 22/02/2017 Available on »

10 Things You Need to Know About EU Institutions In this video, Dr Dermot Hodson (Birkbeck College, University of London) and Prof. John Peterson (University of Edinburgh) talk about the findings of their new book The Institutions of the European Union (4th Edition, Oxford University Press).  By Dermot Hodson on 21/02/2017 Available on »

Everything you wanted to know about Brexit but didnt have time to read We've read more than 70 reports on the potential impact of Brexit on financial services and summarised nearly 50 of them, so that you don't have to. In this report we have tried to boil down the essentials of each report, strip out the jargon and legalese, and cut back the repetition and context that can make navigating many of these reports such hard work.  By New Financial on 20/02/2017 Available on »

The end of the transatlantic trade consensus? Trump, Brexit and European scepticism about TTIP spell the end of transatlantic leadership on trade. With America looking inward, and Britain absorbed by Brexit, the EU must act to avoid the collapse of the liberal economic order writes Rem Korteweg, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.  By CER on 20/02/2017 Available on »

In search of solutions to Europe’s housing problems Housing policy across Europe faces many challenges. In particular, a growing and increasingly diverse demand for decent homes for everyone, especially among more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those on low wages or with disabilities, refugees, mobile workers and homeless people. Traditional social housing no longer meets all their needs, so new, more creative solutions are required.  By Friends of Europe on 20/02/2017 Available on »

Why is Depreciation the Wrong Medicine for the Greek Economy Currency depreciations help an economy return to development and the rise of employment, but under certain conditions, which Greece, unfortunately, does not fulfill.  By Leonidas Stergiou on 20/02/2017 Available on »

Trump president, a huge opportunity for the EU to lead on transport The T&E Bulletin keeps you up to date on the latest sustainable transport news. This newsletter is sent out once a month. Subscribe here:  By Transport & Environment on 20/02/2017 Available on »

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