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PSR 2014-2020 (FEASR): Operazione 4.2.01 "Trasformazione, commercializzazione e sviluppo dei prodotti agricoli”

(...) Possono partecipare le imprese che svolgono attività di trasformazione e commercializzazione dei prodotti agricoli con almeno il 60% della materia prima commercializzata e trasformata di provenienza extra aziendale oppure, se cooperative agricole o organizzazioni di produttori riconosciute con vincolo statutario l’obbligo di conferimento della materia prima da parte delle imprese associate, con quantità contrattualizzata e/o conferita dai soci pari ad almeno il 70% della materia prima di provenienza extra aziendale. (...)

Segnalazione da GlobaLex - UPDATE: Finding the Law of the Micro-States and Small Jurisdictions of Europe: - GlobaLex

UPDATE: Finding the Law of the Micro-States and Small Jurisdictions of Europe: - GlobaLex

By Andrew Grossman
Andrew Grossman is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer who served in Seoul, Abidjan, London, Tehran, Algiers and Geneva. He holds the degrees of B.A. in Economics (Clark), LL.B. (Columbia), M.A. in L.I.S. (University College London) and of Licencié en droit européen et international, Maître & Docteur en droit (Louvain-la-Neuve) and is a member of the New York Bar. He now lives in London and in Switzerland, where he researches private international law issues, especially in the fields of nationality and tax. Among his publications are "Conflict of Laws in the Discharge of Debts in Bankruptcy", 5 Int'l Insolvency Rev. 1 (1996), "Nationality and the Unrecognized State", 50 Int'l & Comp. L.Q. 849 (2001), "Birthright citizenship as nationality of convenience", Proceedings, Council of Europe, Third Conference on Nationality, Strasbourg, Oct. 11-12, 2004; and "'Islamic land': Group Rights, National Identity and Law", 3 UCLA J. Islamic & Near E.L. 53 (2004). His previous work in this series is "A Research Guide to Cases and Materials on Terrorism" and "FATCA: Citizenship-Based Taxation, Foreign Asset Reporting Requirements and American Citizens Abroad" He has begun a project analyzing the limits of national autonomy in matters of nationality under European law.
Published February 2019
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