mercoledì 8 marzo 2017

Le ultime segnalazioni da The Wonk.EU

Brexit in perspective - Global Britain: A Free Trading Future? The trade negotiations arising from Britain’s exit from the EU will provide businesses with a unique opportunity to help set the terms of their trade with the rest of the world for a generation.  By Brunswick Group on 02/03/2017 Available on »

Double Dutch: Why Wilders wins, even if he stays out of government The anti-migrant, anti-Islam, eurosceptic firebrand Geert Wilders could come out on top in this month’s Dutch elections. If so, he will be kept out of government, for now writes Rem Korteweg, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform.  By CER on 02/03/2017 Available on »

The European Commission White Paper on the Future of Europe A briefing on the European Commission's “White Paper on the Future of Europe: Avenues for Unity for the EU at 27”, which will feed into Member State discussions on this issue during the EU Summit in Rome on 25 March.  By Grayling on 01/03/2017 Available on »

NATIONAL INTEREST: THE NEW REALITY FOR CROSS-BORDER TRANSACTIONS Companies looking to complete a cross-border transaction must be prepared to defuse the heightened risk presented to their strategies by national interest motivated intervention. Companies must execute a strategy that utilizes a tailored, consistent narrative and a precise engagement strategy to navigate this complex landscape.  By FTI Consulting on 01/03/2017 Available on »

Preventive restructuring and second chance for entrepreneurs PRESS RELEASE “Preventive restructuring and second chance for entrepreneurs: what’s in it for SMEs?” We must create a positive corporate culture in order to reduce the fear of failure and give companies a second chance, were the main conclusions of a recent joint ACCA, BusinessEurope and UEAPME conference held under the auspices of the Maltese Presidency.  By ACCA on 01/03/2017 Available on »

EU Copyright reform and the Publisher’s Right: the press can't fail! Why a Publisher's Right is crucial as part of EU copyright reform to help secure the future of an independent press and professional journalism. Online copyright is not working for publishers: their content is routinely copied and commercially re-used without permission or remuneration. This article explains how a Publisher's Right would work for everyone in the digital publishing ecosystem.  By Angela Mills Wade on 28/02/2017 Available on »

Europe's Guardians of the Public Purse Better public financial management is a key enabler of a sustainable economic future. It matters because of the size of the public purse and the importance of public spending in delivering public goods. Public finance professionals are at the heart of the system, ensuring governments can meet their current and future obligations while managing short-, medium- and long-term risks.  By ICAEW on 28/02/2017 Available on » interview with Dr. Hueter about Brexit and Game theory John Wyles from and Dr. Michael Huether from the Cologne Institute for Economic Research are discussing the report about Brexit and Game Theory. After the UK Referendum, the question arises as to how relations between the UK and the EU should be conducted going forward. A game theory approach can help.  By Itaka Media on 27/02/2017 Available on »

Busting the Myths Behind Art. 13 of the AVMSD Review Busting the Myths Behind Article 13 of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive Review  By EFADs on 27/02/2017 Available on »

EFADs Press release on EU copyright proposals EU copyright proposals: both opportunities and challenges for promoting Europe’s cultural diversity and industrial growth and jobs  By EFADs on 27/02/2017 Available on »

EFADs Press Release on the Country of Origin Principle for catch-up TV Country of Origin principle for catch-up TV endangers cultural diversity: Europe’s film agencies call for a change of approach  By EFADs on 27/02/2017 Available on »

EFADs Press release on Creative Europe and MEDIA sub-programme MEDIA must be better equipped to meet the challenges of the digital age  By EFADs on 27/02/2017 Available on »

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