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Segnalazioni da Eurocommerce

EuroCommerce co-hosted a dinner debate to launch our publication on food waste with MEP Borzan (S&D, HR), the European Parliament’s rapporteur on food waste. The event highlighted the many existing initiatives across Europe and across value chains to avoid food waste before delivery, through innovative approaches working in stores, with suppliers, with consumers and communities. Several members (Sonae, Tesco, Carrefour, Ahold/Delhaize, Metro) presented their experience and cases, demonstrating that food waste remains a key priority for our sector. EuroCommerce’s Environment Committee Chair, Adela Torres from Mercadona, welcomed the Borzan report, which recognises already existing initiatives and calls on  EU countries to provide tax exemptions on food donations. Also attending the event were Marco Valletta, member of Commissioner Andriukaitis’ cabinet, and MEP Julie Girling (ECR, UK). Please click here for EuroCommerce’s press release.
The EP’s Environment Committee voted on the MEP Bonafé (S&D, IT) reports on proposed revisions of EU waste legislation, including the Waste Framework and Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives. Overall, the report gives a clear signal of ambition: more recycling, less landfill waste and less food waste. MEPs called for the recycling rate to increase to 70% by 2030, compared to 44% today, and landfill to represent no more than 5% of waste generated, thereby restoring the targets as originally proposed by the Commission in 2014. For packaging materials, MEPs propose an 80% recycling target for 2030. On food waste, (Europeans create around 89 million tonnes annually) MEPs advocate a reduction target of 30% by 2025 and 50% by 2030, compared to 2014. They also propose a similar target for marine litter. Bonafè, commenting on the report, said there should no longer be the possibility for Member States with the lowest recycling rates to have a ‘blanket’ derogation, but be subject to specific conditions. For EuroCommerce, there are positive points, including a better (although not perfect) distinction between household/municipal and commercial waste, and the inclusion of an EU food waste definition and hierarchy. However, there are several key remaining concerns around provisions on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes. The EP will vote on the EU waste proposals at its 13-16 March plenary session in Strasbourg. EuroCommerce’s Waste WG will discuss next steps at its next meeting.
The results of the JRC (EU Joint Research Centre) study: "Non-harmonised food contact materials in the EU: Regulatory and market situation" are now available. This baseline study provides insights in the possible safety and trade impacts of the current regulatory framework for food contact materials (FCM) and indicates where improvements are needed. Its findings confirm that the current situation presents a significant burden on economic operators, as also highlighted by our members. The study identified many shortcomings, including a lack of common guidelines and lack of transparency in risk assessment work across Member States. In particular, the Declaration of Compliance and supporting documents are inconsistent and criteria to ensure quality and traceability of information transfer along the supply chain are lacking. National FCM measures are based on lists of close to 8,000 substances, but show disparities among Member States which leads to multiple testing requirements. Harmonised testing methods for enforcement and compliance are missing, making it more difficult to demonstrate that food safety is consistently ensured. The Commission will assess the results of the study in order to decide on the next steps. Possible implementing measures could include harmonised safety requirements for FCM for which there is a high risk from transfer of its constituents into food.  The Commission earlier announced that it will present a separate initiative on printed food contact materials in 2017 which was requested by EuroCommerce. EuroCommerce will continue to liaise closely with the Commission.
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EuroCommerce launches Food Waste Brochure
EuroCommerce has published “Rising to the Food Waste Challenge” to coincide with our dinner debate on food waste (25 January). It sets out best practice and case studies from our members, documenting the many ways in which retailers help to reduce food waste and loss. It was downloaded more than 2,500 times since its launch less than 1 week ago.
The full version of the brochure is available here.

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