lunedì 9 novembre 2020

Segnalazione dalla Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Newsletter

H2020 Result pack: Social Sciences and Humanities in Energy Research 
9 EU-funded projects focus on the social and political issues that need to be addressed to decarbonise the EU’s energy system! LINK
H2020 Results Pack: 10 projects lead the way towards funding Europe’s energy transition
10 EU-funded projects have set a new dynamic for accelerating and upscaling private financing of energy efficiency investments!  LINK
Don't stress over the new EU Energy Labels
Did you find two EU energy labels when unwrapping your new washing machine? No stress – H2020EE projects are here to help! LINK
More than 250 cities apply to the first call of the European City Facility
Cities across Europe submitted an overwhelming number of 257 applications to develop investment concepts to turn their sustainable energy projects into practice. LINK

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