martedì 20 ottobre 2020

Segnalazione dalla Newsletter UIA (Urban Innovative Actions)

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NEWSLETTER #14 : Get inspired by UIA projects
Welcome back! In this pandemic context, new challenges are presenting themselves, requiring even more inspiration on how to move forward in such an uncertain period for our cities and communities. Good news! In this October edition, you will read about UIA city experiences, their bold solutions and knowledge gained, directly  from UIA cities themselves.

Despite the current situation, UIA projects continue to mobilise their ideas and energies to progress with their experimentations, whilst adapting to the new challenging circumstances.

This month, we specifically place the spotlight on sustainable urban mobility projects
An opportunity for you to dive into the first results of mobility projects and discover how UIA cities are innovating in this field.

Plunge into UIA cities knowledge and register to UIA events to come! (...)

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