mercoledì 28 ottobre 2020

Segnalazione da REGIOFLASH: Green Trip Campaign Kicks Off

Green Trip Campaign Kicks Off

On 29th October young influencers from five European countries start their journeys visiting more than 70 sustainable projects to showcase existing green solutions and promote a climate-friendly lifestyle. Travelling through Belgium, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and Portugal, each of them will discover innovative ideas, present inspiring projects and talk to green change-makers in the field of mobility, food, housing, preservation, production chains

The themes are based on the EU Green Deal main policy areas and translated into actionable and accessible themes for young EU citizens. Each journey will end with a visit to an EU-funded regional project, enabling the influencers and their followers to see, explore and reflect together on what it means to have a sustainable lifestyle, what is happening in their region with EU support and what actions can still be taken on an individual level and a collective level.

The Green Trip, run under the creative concept “Ding-Dong! Ready for the Green Challenge?” #DingDongEU is a campaign initiated by the European Commission’s Regional and Urban Policy Directorate-General (DG REGIO). The campaign promotes sustainable projects and lifestyles towards young Europeans. The journeys of the influencers take place between October-November 2020 and the campaign will run until May 2021.

Follow the campaign online and on Instagram.

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