martedì 27 ottobre 2020

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Spotlight on Europe's digital decade

In her recent State of the Union address, President von der Leyen placed technology at the centre of the continent's recovery from the pandemic. She referred to the next few years as Europe's ‛digital decade' and proposed that 20 % of the EU's recovery fund be spent on digital initiatives. So, what is on the list to be covered by this EUR 150 billion?

Importantly, there are investments in infrastructure, such as network connectivity. This is what most of us turned to during the pandemic, as confinement boosted the use of telecommunications, businesses found new ways for employees to telework and teachers explored different platforms for engaging with their dispersed pupils. Investments are also being made in the next generation of supercomputers: systems with extremely high computational power that can benefit multiple sectors including healthcare, industry, environmental protection and artificial intelligence. For example, they can simulate the trillions of processes and molecules of the human body that can help to tackle viruses, improve diagnostics and bring about advances in treatments.

Other domains to benefit from the investment include the transition to a data economy, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital skills and improved public services. All of this while safeguarding EU values and citizens' fundamental rights and security: a key element of the digital transition. This edition of the newsletter presents key publications on this and other interesting topics. (...) 
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