sabato 20 maggio 2017

CoR - EU Regions and cities start building an Alliance for the Future of Cohesion Policy

In view of future negotiations of the EU budget, the European Committee of the Regions join forces with territorial associations and call all relevant actors at EU, national, regional and local level to build an Alliance for a strong and ambitious cohesion policy after 2020.
New emerging priorities such as defence, security and border control, and the impact of Brexit on the EU budget risk jeopardising the future of the most powerful investment policy for the 27, worth €454bn until 2020. This is why at the CoR, today, the idea of a new open alliance was launched.
The aim of the Alliance is to cast light on the added value and effectiveness of cohesion policy over the last decade, ensuring that decisions on the next EU budget take into account the voice of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries from regional and local authorities, SMEs, NGOs, schools, universities, cultural organisations, etc.
Following the recent adoption of its opinion on "The Future of Cohesion Policy beyond 2020" and in view of the forthcoming 7th Cohesion Forum at the end of June, the Committee opened, together with leading territorial associations, a realistic debate which aims to directly address some of the criticisms raised against cohesion policy, while intensifying collaboration among all supporters. (...)

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