sabato 18 marzo 2017

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Enforcement of rules along the agri-food chain in the EU

QA on the new Official Controls Regulation

After successful negotiations between the European Parliament and the Member States in the Council, the new Official Controls Regulation adopted today will enhance and reinforce the EU system as an international reference for integrated rules covering the entire agri-food chain.

Harmonised EU rules have been established to prevent, eliminate or reduce the level of risk to humans, animals and plants, along the agri-food chain.

Official controls, undertaken by competent authorities in each Member State, serve to check whether these rules are correctly implemented.

The new rules overhaul the current system.

They will provide a single framework for all official controls along the agri-food chain.

Businesses and authorities will benefit from reduced administrative burdens, more efficient processes and strengthened controls.

Consumers will benefit from more transparency on how controls are carried out to ensure food safety and high standards for plant health, animal health and welfare and to prevent fraud.(...)

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