sabato 11 marzo 2017

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - EU Internet Forum: progress on removal of terrorist content online

(...) Background
Since the launch of the EU Internet Forum in December 2015, concrete steps have been taken to stop the abuse of the internet by international terrorist groups, with measurable outcomes. Approximately 90% of content referred to the internet companies by Europol has been removed. However, while terrorist content by some terrorist groups is on the decline, other violent extremist groups are seeking to increase their online presence. Tackling this challenge, while protecting the Union's fundamental values of freedom of speech, remains at the forefront of our EU counter terrorism efforts. The European Commission, EU Home Affairs Ministers and the internet industry work together in a voluntary partnership under the umbrella of the EU Internet Forum to tackle this complex challenge and to protect EU citizens. Working with the smaller companies is also a central objective, to prevent the abuse of their platforms.
The EU Internet Forum has two key objectives: to reduce accessibility to terrorist content online; and to empower civil society partners to increase the volume of effective alternative narratives online. These two objectives have materialised into: a referral mechanism with the participation of Europol to remove internet content; the creation of a prototype database of hashes developed by the internet industry to create a shared database to help identify potential terrorist content on social media and prevent its reappearance on other platforms; and the establishment of a Civil Society Empowerment Programme, which will be launched by the European Commission on 15 March 2017, with an initial financial endowment of EUR 10 million.
Areas of future work for the Internet Forum include access to electronic evidence, cybersecurity research, encryption and research on online radicalisation.(...)

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