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Mrs May's emerging deal on Brexit: Not just hard, but also difficult What will the Brexit deal look like? Which are the key decisions that Theresa May still has to make? And what should she do in order to get the best possible deal? writes Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform.  By CER on 19/02/2017 Available on »

The Impact of Article 11 of the Copyright Proposal EDiMA and DIGITALEUROPE take a closer look at the impact of Article 11 of the new proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market.  By EDiMA on 19/02/2017 Available on »

Lysios EU Snapshot #15 - e-privacy and EP mi-term elections Our last EU Snapshot deals with the new proposal regarding the protection of data by communication services providers and the new cookie policy to be discussed! You will also find a usefull overview of the recent mid-term elections in the European Parliament and the new "rapports de forces".  By Lysios Public Affairs on 19/02/2017 Available on »

All you need to know how to influence the EU in one easy chart Why one chart from Daniel Guegen explains everything you need to know how to influence the EU.  By Aaron Mcloughlin on 18/02/2017 Available on »

Brexit Bowl - Views from European Capitals Just weeks before UK Prime Minister Theresa May is due to trigger Article 50, this month’s Brexit Bowl from FTI Consulting takes a look at the state of play in Brussels, London and Paris where politicians are not only getting prepared for the negotiations but also for life after Brexit.  By FTI Consulting on 16/02/2017 Available on »

Europe in a new world order In this paper the authors explore what the EU’s strategic reaction should be to US diminishing giant policies, and the EU’s role in a world of declining hegemony and shifting balances  By Bruegel on 16/02/2017 Available on »

Regroup and Reform: Ideas for a more responsive and effective EU This incisive report comes at a time of almost unprecedented self-examination for the European Union. Faced with growing nationalism, economic, security and political challenges – not least to the very membership of the Union – the relevance of the EU has become a matter of intense debate.  By CEPS on 16/02/2017 Available on »

The Russian Economy: Recovery is Further Away than Some Might Think This working paper looks at recent trends in the Russian economy after more than two years of recession. It analyses the fundamental reasons for the current economic crisis and argues against some of the mainstream views on ‘the end of the recession’ and the role of Western financial sanctions.  By Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies on 16/02/2017 Available on »

The End of Low Interest Rates? After the economic recovery has strengthened and inflation rates have increased, hopes for higher interest rates emerged among savers, while debtors began to fear higher financing costs. This article argues, that there is room for higher interest rates, but this room is small compared to historical interest rate levels.  By Cologne Institute for Economic Research on 16/02/2017 Available on »

Unlocking private sector investment in fragile states Private investment is essential for the development of fragile states, but in order to attract foreign investors and encourage domestic one, governments must work to create the right environment. Mobilising the private sector in conflict-ridden countries or so-called frontier markets must therefore be a key priority.  By Friends of Europe on 16/02/2017 Available on »

CETA ratification moves forward The European Parliament today ratified the comprehensive economic and trade agreement between the EU and Canada, known as CETA, with a solid majority of 408 against 254. Amidst protests from the anti-trade left- and rightwing factions, a solid majority endorsed this new generation trade agreement that will now in major parts enter into force provisionally.  By Hill+Knowlton Strategies on 15/02/2017 Available on »

One Market, One Money – A Mistaken Argument (post factum)? Why should Europe opt for monetary union? ‘One Market needs one Money'! This is, at first sight, the key argument of the influential report by the European Commission entitled “One Market, One Money”, published in 1990. But after closer examination of the report, Daniel Gros considers its rather more agnostic subtitle: “An evaluation of the potential benefits and costs of forming an economic ...  By CEPS on 15/02/2017 Available on »

Fulfilment of National Objectives under the Renewable Energy Directive The EU Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources contains the main body of the EU's current renewable energy (RE) policy. Adopted in April 2009, the Directive provides a common framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources in all EU member states. The act specifies binding national targets for the share of renewable energy ...  By CEPS on 15/02/2017 Available on »

European Commission proposal to amend comitology procedure The European Commission published on 14 February a legislative proposal to reform the ComitologyProcedure (Regulation 182/2011) (the process by which committees of member state representativeshelp the Commission to implement legislation). Read our brief to get up to speed on the proposal's implications.  By Acumen Public Affairs on 14/02/2017 Available on »

Comitology Reform: doing, undoing and redoing is still hard work You might remember the advert for Canada Dry : “It looks like alcohol, it tastes like alcohol…but it’s not alcohol.” The reform of comitology proposed by the Commission is presented as a reform, but it is nothing of the sort. It attempts to return to the pre-Lisbon Treaty system, without getting there.  By PACT European Affairs on 14/02/2017 Available on »

The Future of the Postal Sector in a Digital World Addresses major current problems in postal and delivery sector worldwide  By Bruegel on 14/02/2017 Available on »

Comitologie : faire, défaire et refaire, c’est toujours travailler, … Vous vous rappelez la publicité pour Canada Dry, « ça a la couleur de l’alcool, le goût de l’alcool, … mais ce n’est pas de l’alcool ». La réforme de la comitologie que nous propose la Commission est présentée comme une réforme, mais ce n’en est pas une Heurtant frontalement les intérêts des Etats membres, elle est d’entrée – et sans discussion – vouée à l’échec.  By PACT European Affairs on 14/02/2017 Available on »

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