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OPINION — 20 February 2017
Multilingualism in the Digital Age: a barrier or an opportunity?
A few years ago, Nelson Mandela nailed the importance of multilingualism in two sentences: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." Read this blog post by Roberto Viola (European Commission, Director General DG Connect) and Rytis Martikonis (European Commission, Director General DG Translation).
OPINION — 21 February 2017
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the healthiest of them all?
"It may seem magic, but it is not, it is science and technology that allow us to see beyond the visible" SEMEOTICONS project coordinator Sara Colantonio (National Research Council of Italy) wrote a blog post about the 'Wize Mirror' that is able to read our face code, discover markers of cardio-metabolic risk, and guide us towards healthy lifestyles.
OPINION — 22 February 2017
The Quantum Technology Flagship takes shape in Malta
The Quantum Technology (QT) Flagship Intermediate Report, defining the research agenda of the initiative, has been published. Read the blogpost from Khalil Rouhana, deputy Director-General at the European Commission.
OPINION — 23 February 2017
The future of mobility in Europe is connected and automated
With more than 90% of all car accidents caused by human error, connected and automated driving promises to bring huge safety benefits on our roads. Read this blog post by Roberto Viola (European Commission, Director General DG Connect) and Henrik Hololei (European Commission, Director General DG MOVE).

REPORTS AND STUDIES — 24 February 2017
Report on the need to integrate Social Sciences and Humanities with Science and Engineering in Horizon 2020
A report by the Future and Emerging Technologies Advisory Group analyses how technological innovations need to pay close attention to the social contexts in which they are to be placed. It recommends more support to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research that brings together engineering, natural science and the social sciences and humanities.
FACTSHEET — 24 February 2017
Digital Single Market - making the most of the digital opportunities in Europe
This factsheet explains the main achievements of the Digital Single Market since its launch in 2015. It also explores the impact from the proposals in the society and businesses.
FACTSHEET — 24 February 2017
Infographic - participation in Horizon 2020 FET projects
The infographic shows the participation in Horizon 2020 Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) projects, indicating the round-off number of participants per country and distribution of funding as of December 2016.

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