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16 February 2017
Cases C-90/15 P Hansen & Rosenthal/H&R Wax, C-94/15 P Tudapetrol Mineralölerzeugnisse, C-95/15 P H&R ChemPharm - candle wax cartel cases
The Commission welcomes the courts judgments dismissing the appeals and confirming thus the Commission decision. The ECJ fully confirmed the judgements of the General Court, incl. the GC's exceptional imposition of additional costs on ChemPharm (for prolonging the procedure). The ECJ rejected all arguments put forward by the appellants concerning the notion of undertaking and the attribution of acts of individuals to entities forming part of an undertaking. In its 2009 Decision, the European Commission had fined wax producers ENI, ExxonMobil, Hansen & Rosenthal, Tudapetrol, MOL, Repsol, Sasol, RWE and Total a total of ca. € 676 million for price fixing and market sharing for their participating in a cartel for paraffin wax in the EEA between 1992 and 2005. Shell received immunity from fines for revealing the existence of the cartel. All participants fixed prices for the products concerned.

Case 90/15 P (DE)
Case 94/15 P (DE)
Case 95/15 P (DE)

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