venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

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5 ways to save energy this 2017
Even if it's already February, starting 2017 there's still time to set up some New Year's resolutions. See how our projects are trying to help households, start-ups, and industries among others, to save energy this year. We gathered five tips that could help you reduce your energy bills, shift to more energy-conscious behaviour, or even get your household, business or city be more energy efficient. 
Annual savings of €4.2M by using Energy Performance Contracts  
Although many European cities have committed to energy saving actions, non-technological barriers are still delaying the use of Energy Performance Contracts as a tool to open up saving potentials. The EU funded project EESI 2020 addressed these barriers and supported the implementation of long-lasting energy saving measures in major cities and metropolitan regions across Europe. The implementation of the first public Energy Performance Contracts in Croatia was one of the biggest achievements.
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