lunedì 27 febbraio 2017

EU must take lead in linking trade in agriculture with the SDGs | European Economic and Social Committee

Time to breathe new life into the WTO process Trade in agriculture and in agricultural products has never been so important – or so controversial.

Back in the spotlight with the recent EP vote in favour of CETA[1], global attention in agriculture is also turning to the forthcoming WTO Ministerial Conference later this year.

Once again trade in agriculture is expected to dominate that: once again the EU must play a key role. However, trade in agriculture must also play a core role in the implementation of most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "We must get the sustainable development goals right, but we must also get trade in agriculture right, and we look to the EU to lead the way here", says the EESC.

The SDGs will have a direct and profound effect on trade in agriculture. Agriculture in turn will have a key role in achieving more than half of the SDGs.

All countries share responsibility in this. The SDGs in turn specifically identify many of the tools needed to gain a successful outcome – and trade is specifically mentioned in nine of them.

At least 13 SDGs also refer to climate change: both are deeply interwoven.

Agriculture plays a critical role here too - as both a cause and a victim of climate change. (...)

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