lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

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Case C‑411/15 P Timab Industries vs. European Commission
The European Commission welcomes today's judgment by the EU Court of Justice dismissing in its entirety Timab's appeal against an earlier General Court ruling. The General Court (case T-456/10) had upheld a Commission decision of July 2010 fining several companies for coordinating prices and allocating sales quotas for animal feed phosphates in Europe (case C-411/15 P). In this case the Commission ran settlement and ordinary procedures in parallel for different companies in the same cartel investigation. Today's judgment addresses in particular the issue of such so-called "hybrid" cases, where some parties settle and others don't. The highest EU court rejected Timab's claim that the Commission had punished the company for not settling and confirmed that Timab had suffered no discrimination for not settling the case.

T‑699/14 Topps Europe Ltd vs. European Commission
The EU General Court ruled on an action for annulment of a Commission decision of July 2014. By its July 2014 decision, the Commission had rejected a complaint lodged by Topp's alleging that Panini, FIFA, UEFA and a number of football governing bodies and players’ associations had infringed EU competition rules. The complaint was made in connection with the licensing and acquisition of various intellectual property rights for the purposes of producing stickers and trading cards relating to national and international football tournaments. The General Court dismissed the action and upheld the Commission's findings.

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