martedì 17 marzo 2015

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Report on the implementation of EU water legislation: there is progress, but still work to do

The first Communication and the two reports published today by the new Commission show how water policies can be a source of green and blue economic growth, with water management technologies at the heart of eco-innovation. The EU Water Framework Directive sets a framework at European level that aims to ensure clean water in sufficient quantities for people and nature, and for use in economic sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture, energy, transport and tourism. The policy has helped develop a dynamic, world-leading water sector that includes 9 000 active SMEs and provides almost 500 000 jobs in Europe. But this growth needs to be supported by better policy implementation to achieve sustainability and environmental objectives. (...)
The findings of today's Communication are part of an in-depth look at how Member States are implementing EU water legislation. They come with a series of recommendations designed to encourage, for example, better water pricing, controls on water abstraction, industrial plants, and action on pollution from agriculture. Greater uptake of under-used EU funds is also recommended.(...)

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