martedì 23 dicembre 2014

Urbact News

After 2 years of preparation, the URBACT Programme has just been approved by the European Commission.

Building on the successes of URBACT II and with an enhanced budget (96 M€ for 2014-2020), URBACT III will use its resources and know-how to strengthen the capacities of cities to deliver integrated urban strategies and actions on the thematic objectives corresponding to their challenges.

The URBACT III National Infodays, organized with the help of the Ministries of the Member and Partner States responsible for urban and regional development, have already gathered 1500 people from 16 countries. It shows a very strong wish of urban stakeholders in all Europe to participate to URBACT.

The Infodays will carry on until the end of February to give information about URBACT III activities before the launch of the first call for networks of URBACT III in March 2015.

We are now also planning the URBACT CITY FESTIVAL, 6-8 May in Riga. Drawing on the rich experience of 7 years of Programme activities, the URBACT CITY FESTIVAL will present leading edge content on sustainable urban development, through urban workshops and walk-shops, Master-classes, inspirational points and Ideas Factories.

The URBACT CITY FESTIVAL will also set the scene for URBACT III, and the new activities foreseen for 2014 – 2020, providing participants with the opportunity to find out how they can get involved and benefit from the programme.

But before we meet in Riga, I wish you a Happy New Year 2015, in the name of the URBACT Secretariat!

Emmanuel Moulin
Head of the URBACT Secretariat (...)

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