martedì 4 marzo 2014

Publication - Eurostat

The European Union and the African Union - A statistical portrait - 2013 edition

This "statistical portrait" presents, in 100 pages, a broad comparison
between the situation of the European Union, including EFTA members and
Candidate Countries, and the African Union and its member states. The
publication is jointly produced by Eurostat and the Statistical Division
of the African Union Commission (AUSTAT) on the basis of data from both
With data up to and including the year 2012, this "portrait" includes
various domains such as demography, health, education, national
accounts, trade, and more. Tables in the eight chapters help the user to
gain a detailed view on different aspects, such as mobile phone
subscriptions, number of teachers, life expectancy, GDP, tourism, etc.
An overview chapter presenting statistical comparisons with the rest of
the world is also included.

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