domenica 9 marzo 2014

EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Commission concludes in-depth reviews of 17 Member States to check for macroeconomic imbalances

What are the in-depth reviews?

The in-depth reviews examine macroeconomic developments with the aim of analysing potential imbalances, their origin, nature and severity, and in particular of determining whether these imbalances are excessive in the sense of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (MIP). The in-depth reviews look particularly at external financial sustainability; the drivers of external competitiveness; developments related to the deleveraging of private sector balance sheets; private and public indebtedness; housing and mortgage market developments; and financial sector stability. In-depth reviews encompass a thorough analysis of sources of imbalances in the Member State under review, taking into account country-specific economic conditions. They consider a wide set of available data and other relevant information. In the preparation of the in-depth reviews, specific surveillance missions - including discussions with the Member States' government and other stakeholders - took place. This is the third annual cycle of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure. (...)

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