martedì 18 marzo 2014

EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - EU Citizenship: European Parliament supports Commission's efforts to foster EU citizens' rights

The European Parliament has today welcomed the European Commission's proposals to reinforce EU citizens’ rights with a series of actions to tackle obstacles that citizens still encounter in their everyday lives. The European Parliament's own initiative Report (adopted 562 for, 95 against, 11 abstentions) on the European Commission's 2013 EU Citizenship Report (IP/13/410 and MEMO/13/409) fully supports the Commission's approach in addressing the concrete problems citizens encounter, for instance when job-searching or studying in another EU country, as well as ensuring stronger participation in the democratic life of the Union.

(...) The European Parliament's report particularly welcomes the Commission's proposals making it easier for EU citizens to work and doing training in another EU country; reducing excessive paperwork for EU citizens living and travelling in the EU; and eliminating barriers to cross-border shopping. It underlines the role of Member States including local authorities in upholding citizens' rights. It also welcomes measures put forward to better inform citizens about their EU rights.

In the run up to the European elections, the European Parliament also expressed its strong support for measures enabling citizens to engage in the debate and fully participate in the democratic life of the Union, something the Commission has been spearheading with a series of over 50 Citizens' Dialogues across Europe. (...)

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