giovedì 8 ottobre 2020

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 Food safety: RASFF annual report shows cooperation between Member States further increased

The 2019 report on the use of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, published today, shows that a total of 4118 notifications of food or feed risks were reported by the Member States to the European Commission last year. 

This is a slight rise from last year's Report, confirming that food operators and Member States are making an extensive use of the system. 1175 were classified as 'alerts', indicating a serious health risk for which swift action was required by food operators or authorities. 

Aflatoxins in nuts remained, like in 2018, the most frequently reported issue in food checked at EU borders. 

Like in previous years, most notifications in 2019 related to food products, with a small percentage of the notifications relating to feed (6%) and food contact materials (4.5%).  

The RASFF was instrumental for tracing and removing the affected products from the market.

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