domenica 17 marzo 2019

Generation €uro – What Europe can do for you

(...) Many young Europeans entered the job market during one of the worst recessions in living memory. Many have seen their real incomes stagnate or fall. Not all young people have been affected in the same way, of course, but high youth unemployment, and deteriorating economic conditions more generally, are something that concern us all, not least because they affect social cohesion and could threaten to undermine the European project.

What we collectively make out of this experience will shape the future of Europe. It will determine whether the EU has succeeded in creating what its founding fathers had in mind: a genuine European identity, destined to leave the legacy of war and atrocities behind.

To achieve this, action is needed at national and at EU level. We need structural and fiscal policies to set the conditions for balanced and sustainable growth in sunny days, alongside with our monetary policy. And in rainy days we need a robust and accountable crisis management framework that avoids the devastating output and employment losses experienced after the financial and euro area crises.

We need to promote and attract private investment so that European companies can become leaders rather than followers in the fourth industrial revolution. And we need to make sure that young students receive the education they require to successfully compete in the global digital labour market, and to ensure that young workers, across the EU, are adequately protected in a more demanding labour market.

This is what Europe should do for you to help you fulfil your projects and your dreams.

The rest is in your hands. (...)

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