mercoledì 6 marzo 2019

European Commission - Foreign Investment Screening: new European framework to enter into force in April 2019 / Il Consiglio dà il via libera alle norme per il controllo degli investimenti esteri diretti

The new framework will:
  • create a cooperation mechanism where Member States and the Commission will be able to exchange information and raise concerns related to specific investments;
  • allow the Commission to issue opinions when an investment poses a threat to the security or public order of more than one Member State, or when an investment could undermine a project or programme of interest to the whole EU, such as Horizon 2020 or Galileo;
  • encourage international cooperation on investment screening, including sharing experience, best practices and information on issues of common concerns;
  • set certain requirements for Member States who wish to maintain or adopt a screening mechanism at national level. Member States also keep the last word whether a specific investment operation should be allowed or not in their territory;
  • take into account the need to operate under short business-friendly deadlines and strong confidentiality requirements. (...)
  • cfr. anche il testo in Italiano della p.r. da CONSILIUM

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