giovedì 13 luglio 2017

EIB highlights 10th anniversary of the EIB issuing the world’s first green bond and confirms new green bond tree planting scheme

Ten years after issuing the world’s first green bonds, the European Investment Bank, today highlighted the unique contribution of green bonds to accelerating private sector funding for climate related investment. Speaking at gathering of institutional investors, asset managers and financial institutions hosted by Commerzbank in Berlin, to mark the tenth anniversary of EIB’s issuance of the world’s first green bonds, the EIB’s Vice President responsible for climate and the environment confirmed commitment to support capital market support for climate investment in the years ahead.

Since pioneering green bonds the EIB, the world’s largest international public bank and the largest issuer of green bonds, has continued to support initiatives to increase investment in climate related projects and strengthen investor confidence in green bonds. (...)

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