venerdì 9 giugno 2017

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Questions and Answers on the Mid-Term Review of the Capital Markets Union Action Plan

What is the Capital Markets Union?

One of the Commission's top priorities is to strengthen Europe's economy and stimulate investment to create jobs. The Investment Plan for Europe helped kick-start this process. However, to strengthen investment in the long term, we need stronger capital markets that can provide new sources of funding for businesses, help increase options for savers and make the economy more resilient.

The EU economic recovery is gaining momentum, with a fifth consecutive year of growth. There are, however, significant downside risks. The contribution of investment to growth remains low and the investment rate is still below pre-crisis levels. This persistent weakness in investment continues to drag on the push for recovery and longer-term growth. That is why President Juncker set out as one of his key priorities, the need to build a true single market for capital – a Capital Markets Union for all Member States.
The Action Plan published in September 2015 set out the actions needed to put in place the building blocks of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) by 2019, removing barriers to cross-border investment and lowering the costs of funding. As part of the third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe, the so-called Juncker Plan, the CMU should help businesses tap into more diverse sources of capital from anywhere within the EU, make markets work more efficiently and offer investors and savers additional opportunities to put their money to work in order to enhance growth and create jobs. It will offer benefits for all Member States, while also strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) by supporting economic and social convergence and helping absorb economic shocks in the euro area. (...)

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