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Previewing The Dutch Legislature Elections: Factors Affecting Vote HPS' guide to factors affecting the vote in the Dutch Legislature's upcoming March 15 elections--including an overview of expected electoral results.  By Hamilton Place Strategies on 14/03/2017 Available on »
The EU ETS and the Circular Economy
The Commission’s proposal to reform the ETS aims at drastically reduce the number of sectors on the carbon leakage list, by applying a purely one-size-fits-all quantitative formula that multiplies trade intensity by emission intensity. This approach, however, ignores the potential strategic importance of these sectors in providing solutions towards the EU objectives of the circular economy.  By European Copper Institute on 13/03/2017 Available on »
The Shortage of Risk Capital for Europe's High Growth Businesses
AFME has published a new report examining the specific challenges associated with raising risk capital for small and mid-size high-growth companies in the European Union. The report aims to inform policymakers about the challenges facing Europe’s high growth companies in obtaining crucial early stage financing. The report was authored by AFME with the support of 12 other European organisations.  By CEDRIC on 13/03/2017 Available on »
The Future of Europe – The Case for a Scenario 6!
As a contribution to the debate launched by the 'White Paper on the Future of Europe', KEA would like to call for a Scenario 6. Its starting point is the empowerment of Europeans citizens (and not only institutions) to influence the European agenda; institutions would be mobilised to induce collaborations, fight mistrust and implement a more inclusive and collaborative decision making process.  By KEA European Affairs on 10/03/2017 Available on »
Is the US starting a regulatory competition with the EU?
The US-President Donald Trump has signed an executive order which directs the US Treasury department to revise financial regulation, especially the Dodd-Frank Act. Critics are afraid that this will cause inconsistencies in global regulation and weaken the EU’s financial centres. This article gives a first assessment on the consequences of a revision of the Dodd-Frank Act for the EU.  By Cologne Institute for Economic Research on 10/03/2017 Available on »
Banks and borrowers in distress — Europe’s NPL crisis
European banks are struggling with high amounts of non-performing loans. We look at the reasons behind this crisis, and how it affects banks, borrowers and the European economy as a whole. Finally, we explore potential solutions.  By Bruegel on 10/03/2017 Available on »
Turkey and the Codification of Autocracy
Turkey’s Parliament has approved a constitutional reform bill that will come into effect if approved in the national referendum on 16 April 2017. This controversial package seeks to replace the current parliamentary system with a fully fledged executive presidential system, without checks and balances.  By CEPS on 10/03/2017 Available on »
The European Derivatives Market after Brexit
The Brexit will affect the stability of derivatives markets. These markets are huge and global, but they concentrate on the financial hub London. This article discusses post-Brexit scenarios for the financial supervision of these important markets and recommends to strengthen the supervision at the EU-level.  By Cologne Institute for Economic Research on 10/03/2017 Available on »
How the EU nudges us to be nicer to animals
The European Union is typically characterised by high politics and complex economics, so animal welfare is unlikely to feature high in the annals of its activity. Yet it has quietly crept up the agenda. Today the EU is a leading driver of rules on the ways animals are kept and treated, reflecting the changing European attitudes to their welfare, and scientific research into animal distress.  By Burson-Marsteller / Europe-Decides on 09/03/2017 Available on »
Myth of Data Monopoly: Why Antitrust Concerns About Data Are Overblown
Some European commentators are pushing regulators to consider companies’ data holdings when they conduct antitrust analyses for mergers, but merely having data does not raise anticompetitive concerns. If data-rich companies thwart competition, regulators already have tools to address harms. Unduly curbing data collection and use would depress innovation when policymakers should be encouraging it.  By Information Technology and Innovation Foundation on 09/03/2017 Available on »
Balkans – Boosting connections on the road to the EU
Reforms in Balkan countries bring important improvements to the region’s governments and economies, whether or not they result in rapid EU membership, the EU enlargement commissioner said on 7 December. Integration has long been a goal, both for the Western Balkan states and the EU, but the past few years have seen a number of setbacks.  By Friends of Europe on 09/03/2017 Available on »
Guide to EU agriculture policy in 2017
Our guide on what to expect in EU agriculture in 2017  By FTI Consulting on 08/03/2017 Available on »
The Role of the Private Sector in Vocational and Educational Training
Even though the four analysed countries are very different in terms of their starting points and their demographic, economic and institutional framework conditions, they all face the same challenge: designing a vocational education and training system that makes the country future-proof.  By Cologne Institute for Economic Research on 08/03/2017 Available on »
ACCA tells businesses - ‘apprenticeships make clear business sense’
• Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) will be vital to the take-up and success of apprenticeships • ACCA’s apprenticeship offering will attract and develop the talent business needs, while also giving candidates what they need for successful careers  By ACCA on 08/03/2017 Available on »
ACCA celebrates International Women’s Day 2017
ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is proudly celebrating International Women’s Day today, an annual celebration on 8 March of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  By ACCA on 08/03/2017 Available on »
DIGITALEUROPE’s response on Improving Criminal Justice in Cyberspace
DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the on-going leadership of the European Commission in addressing the complex problem of global access to electronic evidence (“e-Evidence”). We continue to support the DG HOME-DG JUST task force effort to tackle the difficult jurisdictional and other challenges that must be resolved to develop a common approach in the EU.  By Darren on 08/03/2017 Available on »
How not to create zombie banks: lessons for Italy from Japan
How can Italian banks address the issue of non-perfoming loans? What lessons can they learn from Japan?  By Bruegel on 08/03/2017 Available on »
The Whitehouse Consultancy: Food Policy Insight and Analysis, Feb 2017
The Whitehouse Consultancy's monthly food and nutrition newsletter. Each month, our team of EU and UK food policy experts will be bringing you insights and analysis on the latest news affecting the food and nutrition sector.  By Elias Papadopoulos on 07/03/2017 Available on »
Brexit: EU budget
On 25 January 2017 Zsolt Darvas appeared as a witness at the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union, Financial Affairs Sub-Committee.  By Bruegel on 07/03/2017 Available on »

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