lunedì 27 marzo 2017

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - European Interoperability Framework: Commission presents new guidance for digital public services

The European Commission publishes today a new European Interoperability Framework which will help European public administrations to coordinate their digitisation efforts when delivering public services.

The announcement will be made today, at the Digital Day in Rome, together with other initiatives that aim to promote cooperation between EU Member States to better prepare society to reap the full potential of the digital transformation. Many EU Member States are digitising their public administrations to save time, reduce costs, increase transparency, and improve the quality of services that they offer to citizens and businesses. Doing this in a coordinated way ensures that the public sector is not only digital but also interoperable. The EU framework published today will help Member States to follow a common approach when making their public services available online, also across countries and policy areas. This will contribute to reducing bureaucracy for people and businesses, for example, when requesting certificates, enrolling to services, or handing in tax declarations.
(...) The new framework offers specific guidance to public administrations across Europe on how to improve governance and ensure that both existing and new legislation do not compromise interoperability of their digital services. The framework includes a set of 47 recommendations that can increase interoperability. The application of the framework by European public administrations will ensure that their services are standardised, automated, streamlined and provided securely in less time and with less effort. It will also ensure that data are more available and of quality that allows better analysis and decision making.(...)

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