sabato 18 marzo 2017

EBRD donors support small businesses in our regions

Successful small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) help create employment, increase economic productivity and bring innovation, which are key elements for competitive and inclusive markets.

The EBRD and donors have been focussing for decades on boosting this sector in our regions. Through the Small Business Initiative, they offer finance and business advice in parallel with policy reform to improve SMEs’ capacity to play their economic role to full potential.

In 2016, over €160 million from the European Union, the largest donor, Albania, the EBRD Shareholder Special Fund, Switzerland, Japan, the USA, Italy, TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, the Western Balkans Investment Fund, Korea, and Shell were made available to support small businesses across the EBRD regions.

The impact of this work is substantial. In 2016 alone, SMEs benefitted from over €1.2 billion of EBRD finance and over 2,300 small entrepreneurs obtained expert advice to overcome specific challenges and ensure they are well-governed. (...)

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