venerdì 17 aprile 2015

A European Pension Tracking Service Is Feasible | European Economic and Social Committee

TTYPE project publishes final report for the European Commission with a set of recommendations and a high level design for a cross-border European tracking service.
The TTYPE project (Track and Trace Your Pension in Europe) handed over its report on the roadmap towards creating a general pension tracking service in Europe to the European Commission after it had been presented at a conference, organised together with the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. It shows that it is feasible to establish a cross-border pension tracking service to the benefit of not only mobile workers wanting to keep track of their pension entitlements but also to the benefit of pension providers who need to keep in contact with their beneficiaries. The final report from the TTYPE project gives a set of detailed recommendations on how to achieve this and what methods to use. (...)

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