mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

Riga Declaration kicks off “e-Skills for Jobs 2015” campaign

(...) Simultaneously with the signing of the Riga Declaration the European Commission's (EC) communication campaign "e-Skills for Jobs in 2015" was launched.
The Riga Declaration consists of 10 principles which key players involved in the “e-Skills for Jobs” campaign are committed to: 
  • more and better investment in digital technologies and e-skills;
  • address youth unemployment in Europe through digital skills;
  • prioritise "e-Skills for the 21st Century" policy and scale-up its implementation;
  • endorse the continuation of the work of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and the implementation of National Coalitions, and public funding investment;
  • promotion of e-leadership in management positions at the European businesses;
  • foster digital transformation and entrepreneurship;
  • ensure life-long education and training of e-skills; 
  • European leadership of global standards; 
  • fostering ICT professionalism and maturing the ICT profession in Europe;
  • commitment to cooperate, pool expertise and efforts. (...)

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